1. Chose art work on sale, send Your request. Usually we answer during 24-48 hours. It might be useful to look about quality and other features of tapestries and our Customer  "POLICY".

2. Many of our art goods are existing as one unique art work and we must confirm availability of this item for sale. We shall message Your about accepting of  buy request before  sale  payment. Then we shall confirm payment accept to exclude any mistake.

3. After receiving advance payment we shall prepare export licence and send Your art work, second part of payment is sent to us when You receive parcel. We trust our Customers, it is not possible to false because of especial tapestry spiritual influence at its owner.

4. Please, if our  answer is absent during the period more than 24 hours, contact us any time as necessary to know the process. Usually, we try to not create inconveniences,  love and respect our Customers and   because every our Customer  becomes the custodian of our art work and  it is our near  man.

The above mentioned is valid for items in our Tapestry Collection. Some tapestry art works and other textile  are not ready  for sale (for example,  the art work might be at the art exhibition or are sold). Those are majority of our virtual gallery.  For order to create new textile art  work use form at the page  "TAPESTRY ORDER". Ask, please if it is necessary via e-mail or with use of "CONTACT"  form.


Possibility of payment to/in the Russian Federation for comissional art order contract: 

Our usual Moscow bank account is the reliable and responsible way.
It is possible Your international bank transaction or payment via Your personal representatives
(for example, from Your country embassy in Moscow, visiting Moscow tourist, Your business friend
) or You personally if visiting Moscow.
But, the time of tapestry weaving is large, so it is enough time for transactions  - small advance and final part at time of tapestry readiness.

Of course, large galleries or art saloons guarantees as dealers
or bank
condition guaranttee for accept
are possible too.

It is pity, but  the cash payment is vorbidden for small individual artists in the Russian Federation (since 2008)
obligatory using of  the complicated cash apparatus system:
special cash pay room + high cash apparatus price (but it can be forbidden for use for some models suddenly too) + obligatory apparatus service expenses + each 3 month tax control and apparatus check time waste  + large additional tax papers writing time waste.


Now the current price limits are from 500 to 4000 EURO per square meter (~1,1square yard) of the cloth of the art work ( the prices - ex studio in Moscow ).
The low prices represent the cloth  with 20-24 warp threads per 10 centimetres (10 centimetres ~ = 4"). The price  is depending of the graphic degree of  the   working out in detail, cloth surface kind,  dimensions, the kind of materials and the  theme of the art work.
Sometimes the barter is possible  as a part of the payment ( the contract).
It is possible to create the nice picture even for 200 EURO per square meter, but without very small details of the pictures.
The minimal order price is100 EURO (except exclusions), it represents the cloth area approximately 0.3 square meter (for example, the art work of  20" x 24 " (~ 50 x 60 centimetres ).
Our price includes customs duties and the export license taxes, but  delivery and insurance fees are not included in the price because of varying of the delivery price by different ways. This may be different if  Customer choose. 

As to delivery inside the territory of Moscow city, it is free - welcome to Moscow.

Approximate prices of hand woven tapestry in Moscow from artist's studio, 1 sq.meter: 

Thick cloth interlacing - Example - Page 1 of Tapestry Gallery
20-24 threads per  10 entimeters of width - Baseline cost  - 500 EURO + additional payment if graphics is complicated

Average cloth interlacing -
30-34 threads per  10 entimeters of width) - Baseline cost - 800 EURO + additional payment if graphics is complicated

Initial arras cloth interlacing - Examples - at  Page 12 of Tapestry Gallery (except of carpet picture - these art works are more expensive)
40-44 threads per  10 entimeters of width) - Baseline cost  - 1200 EURO + additional payment if graphics is complicated
Average arras cloth interlacing -
50-54 threads per  10 entimeters of width) - Baseline cost  - 1800 EURO + additional payment if graphics is complicated
Fine arras cloth interlacing - Examples  - at Page 19 of Tapestry Gallery
60-64 threads per  10 entimeters of width) - Baseline cost  - 3000 EURO + additional payment if graphics is complicated
Additional cost - carpet texture of picture, voluminous parts, inserting of especial materials (for example, hairs of real people in their portraits). For more easy calculation of possible price solutions for chosen or idea image - just send small picture or idea description with Your question e-mail >>> TAPESTRY QUESTION

Note. If You contacted us and then we use garantee dealer's help - we ask for him 10-20% markup to price.
In other case, if we have sold  all rights as to  some art works  to dealer, then only he is contacting with Customer.


The delivery from the Russian Federation  has  two main  ways: ordinary Russian Federal Post  and Express Mails. The ordinary, regular mail takes  several weeks, sometimes more time (even - 2 months if from Moscow to Americal continent). But it is cheaper and is recommended for not expensive art works (all prices less than 300 USD).

More expensive, but more fast are  Express Mails of   EMS Garant Post, UPS, DHL. These mails deliver a parcel during 3 - 6 business days.
And we must emphasize that the cost of use Express Mails  for parcels with not expensive art work sometimes can exceed the art work price.

The delivery cost we can e-mail accordingly to Your address in the order form.

Delivery inside the territory of Moscow city is free.

Of course, You can also ask us about exact delivery cost  before You will decide to buy  or order art work. Please, use contact e-mail form for it. The place of delivering and postal(zip) code is necessary to know for calculating of delivery cost from Moscow to Your place.


Our art work are textile in their nature and soft if without frames and suspenders. These need to protect from moisture, strong handle and sharp objects.
Usually, the art cloth is not subjected to damage in the process of delivery, but if an extraordinary case  will happen we and Customer must cooperate together to investigate the reasons and the guilt of delivering party and demand insurance compensation.



1. We devote  our activity to change the World with beautiful art, the financial part is as a necessity.

2. To work fruitful we must not waste time,  to have not  financial problems we must anticipate and avoid those by correct behaviour.

3. Any buy payments are not allowed without our e-mail confirmation of Your buy request, because of  the availability of the chosen art work - it might be sold for other Customer  just now.

4. Any contract payments without our e-mail agreement are not allowed.The agreeing parties must join contract obligation accordingly to the law of the Russian Federation - by e-mail, this form of contract is now lawful.  The fax form of contract is possible too, if it is chosen.

5. The weaving is longtime work, but we do not like the Customer have doubts and usually we report by e-mail about work fulfilment, it is possible very often even every week (even with photo of made part of ordered work if required). And it is possible mode  of payments stage by stage in accordance with work fulfilment.

6. We consider to return art work and money back is allowed  during  30 calendar days, but we ask the Customer investigate  carefully Our Site Gallery and information about tecnical quality to be sure that our tapestry is the same art work what it is necessary and to return art work will be without need.
Taking into account differences of colour tints for different computer screens, You must emphasize important colours and we must agree those before art work manufacture to be not disappointed on delivery.
Usually, the art cloth is not subjected to damage in the process of delivery, but in the extraordinary cases we must cooperate together to investigate the reasons and the guilt of delivering party.
The refund back without any obvious reasons is possible too, but the Customer must pay back delivery expences to exclude incorrectness.

7. As to reliability - all currency transactions are inspected by Russian Federal special services (state, financial, tax), we are well known now as Olga & Yaroslaw  and  we can not leave any cent without tax report and explanation about its origin  and destination.

Thank You for visiting  http://www.tapestrist.ru ,  more questions - through Contact